The Rig


February 2015

We are SO EXCITED to let you all know that we have just received confirmation of a second grant from Arts Council England to work on the BBC Ten Pieces project!

This is a nationwide year long project aimed at getting Junior school children interested in classical music, by using ten selected pieces. Not only will we have the chance to further adapt some of our Mini Rigs for this project, continuing with our development for disabled users but we will be doing a schools tour in London and filming some fabulous new videos containing the Ten Pieces music and fun science experiments on The Rig.

This is Part Two of this exciting project and will run from February – April 2015. We will visit 13 schools and film 2 Rig videos. Last year in September – November 2014 we completed Part One which compromised of an 11 date schools tour and filming 3 Rig videos.

We’re so excited to be part of the brilliant project! For more details, click here BBC Ten Pieces


The new Mini Rigs!!

Feeling pretty happy....!

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The Rig is a structural interactive installation that combines percussion, creativity, musical exploration, visual stimulation, learning and adventure. Designed by professional musicians with a combined musical experience of over 20 years, The Rig is an impressive, original and creative sound scape of percussion with an exciting visual impact aimed at kids from 1 to 100 years old!!

The Rig combines vintage instruments made from every day items recycled, altered and adjusted to form crazy inventions with unusual sounds. It explores the physics behind sound with coloured water to show vibrations from a water gong, a tin bath amplifier and string earphones. The aim of this is to encourage musical creativity and rhythmic adventure through the stimulating and thrilling medium of percussion.
It can be played from all angles allowing interactive musical compositions to be created with participants.  The Rig promotes awareness about recycling and re use of everyday objects that are often thrown away, whilst encouraging creativity with the use of not-so-usual objects turned into instruments!

The Rig can be used as an interesting, fun and interactive installation within festivals, schools or corporate functions.  Within the context of learning and education, it can be combined with our bespoke workshops that focus on fun and creativity within music.

“Children are captivated by the weird and wonderful sounds, tones, crashes and bangs they can make by hitting, tinkling and thwacking the beautiful array of objects dangling around The Rig. Who knew you could use a Victorian bath as an amplifier, see sound or use string instead of your Beats by Dr. Dre earphones!” – Charlie Astor, Director, Sharky & George