The Rig at Chilled in a Field festival – August 2013

Chilled in a Field festival. Well! What can we say about this lovely festival! Run by friends of ours, this family friendly festival was held at a private manor house in picturesque East Sussex in August 2013. It is a wonderfully thought out and well planned festival with a lovely family section in the programming. We were delighted to take The Rig to this festival and we hung out on the lawn in the glorious sunshine. With the bunting out it felt like a proper village fete kind of feel and we drank lemonade and licked ice lollies on the lawn!

The festival had cleverly arranged a wooden spoon craft making workshop for the children the day before we arrived, so when we turned up, they all had their own beautifully decorated and individual wooden spoons to play on The Rig. Wooden spoons are our playing instrument of choice and we were very inspired by the beautiful creations we saw being played!

Double bravery points also go to Amy for this festival after she ‘didn’t feel very well’ with a bit of stomach ache. The following week she was admitted to Kings and had her appendix removed.

Photos at Chilled were taken by Stephen Gregory

You can watch a video of the festival here. The Rig is shown about 1 minute in.

There is a lovely review of the festival here. The Rig and the groovy samba beats are mentioned at the end 🙂