The Rig’s first festie of summer 2015 – Wychwood Festival!

Wychwood 10

Our first festival of the season, and what a lovely festie it was! A real family treat with a million things to keep the little ones happy. Our team for this festival was Amy & Becky (of course!) with the wonderful Joe and Poppy helping. Despite there being a few rain storms, we all just put on every item of clothing we had and flew The Rig fun flag!

Wychwood 8

We had some wonderful kids come to play The Rig, including these two little diamonds:

Wychwood 4 Wychwood 5

Joe wowed people with the ‘Magic Grill’ which is his new name for our ‘Oven Tray Headphones’ as, well, it is a grill and it is, of course, magic…

Wychwood 1


The new additions to our Rhythm Mini Rig and Bells Mini Rig went down a treat – with teapots, bike bells and an abacus!

Wychwood 3 Wychwood 11


We finished the festival off by watching Lady Smith Black Mambazo which was absolutely brilliant Рthey are so talented and are so refreshing to watch, as they know how to have fun on stage while still being musically perfect.

Wychwood 12


Next stop, Mycenae House and afterwards Cornbury Festival – roll on Summer!