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The Rig is an interactive installation combining percussion, creativity, musical exploration, visual stimulation, learning and adventure. Designed by professional musicians, The Rig is an impressive, original musical soundscape with an exciting visual impact aimed at kids from 1 to 100 years old!!

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The Rig is made from recycled, altered and adjusted objects to form crazy inventions with unusual sounds. We hope to promote awareness about recycling and the creative reuse of everyday items! We explore the science behind sound with the aim of encouraging musical creativity and rhythmic adventure through the stimulating and thrilling medium of percussion.
The Rig is fully accessible for wheel chair users and children with disabilities and is able to be enjoyed regardless of ability or physical restraints.

Available for festivals, events, schools workshops, SEN schools, family days and corporate events so BOOK US NOW!


“For my four-year-old son who is music-obsessed, ‘The Rig’ was simply wonderful and enthralling, and I think he would have happily spent all day there, banging bottle tops, knives and forks, tin tea pots and the like with various implements. The creations were stunning and encouraged creativity, led by the wonderful and enthusiastic staff who interacted with the children, started beats and showed them how to make a variety of sounds”  – Cornbury Festival Review


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