LSO & Stephen Hawking SEN School

We had a wonderful day returning to our friends at the Stephen Hawking SEN school in East London.

This time we were joined by two musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, the lovely Robert and Hilary, who have also been working with the children in the school.

We set up the rigs, played music, sang and danced and had a thoroughly lovely day!


Below is a short film we made about our day there


the_rig_workshop_020316_005 the_rig_workshop_020316_029 the_rig_workshop_020316_037 the_rig_workshop_020316_043 the_rig_workshop_020316_051 the_rig_workshop_020316_059 the_rig_workshop_020316_065 the_rig_workshop_020316_086 the_rig_workshop_020316_098 the_rig_workshop_020316_106 the_rig_workshop_020316_115 the_rig_workshop_020316_120 the_rig_workshop_020316_128 the_rig_workshop_020316_133 the_rig_workshop_020316_134 the_rig_workshop_020316_148 the_rig_workshop_020316_150 the_rig_workshop_020316_158 the_rig_workshop_020316_172 the_rig_workshop_020316_175