Filming Day April 2016

As part of our Arts Council England funded BBC Ten Pieces Schools tour, we got to film two videos. This was designed to be both a tool for post workshop embedded learning and to be able to be watched as a stand alone video for those who couldn’t attend the workshops. We also put together a short film on how string instruments work, which was so ably demonstrated by Amy’s brother Tom – thanks Tom! You sure know how to give the cello a good pluck!

We are very grateful to the inspiring and generous Ian Blanford from Bright Spark TV who has been coaching us on our presenting skills and helped us assemble an all star cast behind the scenes, including the brilliant Jane Field as our stylist, who we have long admired from her role as Head Stylist on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. In fact, we have just bought a caravan for our Rig summer tour, so we might well be using some of Jane’s tips on how to make our own caravan “amazing”!


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