What are we up to at The Rig currently?

Hi Riggers!

We’ve had some beautiful, sunny summer days recently and we often find ourselves looking at the clear blue sky and dreaming about being in a field with The Rig somewhere. Normally, this is our busiest time of year for music festivals and family days and we love travelling around the country to different cultural events, taking The Rig with us for you all to try.

Alas, it was not meant to be this year.

We want to take the opportunity to send our good vibes to you all, hoping you are all happy and safe and smiling through the difficult times.

Although many of the festivals for 2020 have been cancelled/postponed and we can’t get the Rig to you in person, we’ve been doing lots of virtual bits and bobs to make sure we are still reaching you all in this time with some music fun!

So what have we been doing?

The Rig Play Zone on YouTube

We have created a new playlist on our @playtherig YouTube channel called The Rig Play Zone where we have added lots of “how to” videos and fun musical games. These include:

We’ve got ideas on there for fun musical games and also educational videos about some of the BBC Ten pieces and composers to keep the kids entertained.

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How-to videos on Facebook and Instagram

We’ve also created lots of one minute How-to videos that we’ve posted on our social media platforms. Like you, we’ve been staying at home and have been looking around our houses to see what we can make using bits and bobs we’ve found at home. So far this has included:

  • musical water jars
  • plastic bottle boom whackers
  • bits-and-bobs shakers
  • oven tray headphones
  • guitar tupperware

Who knew you could make so much from your recycling bin?!


Rig Memories on Facebook

As we can’t get to festivals ourselves, we’re going to bring the festival to YOU!

We’ve created a Rig Memories playlist on Facebook which features some of our favourite moments at the Rig.

  • See what The Rig is like in action
  • Reminisce on an event you saw The Rig at
  • Get a feel-good vibe seeing so many smiley faces!

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And finally, just a reminder of what we normally look like and the fun we have…!