Summer fun for The Rig

We have had the most incredible summer! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Festivals and Family Days

The summer kicked off with two brilliant family days- the Crawley Festival on 28th June and the Village Green Festival on 13th July.

We then went to WOMAD at the end of July – which has been a firm fixture in The Rig calendar for the last 5 years – and set up camp in the kids field. As usual there were some amazing outfits – check out the octopus playing the Pixie Rig!

We were also at the Smithfield Street Party on August bank holiday and finished our summer festival season of at the End of the Road festival at Larmer Tree Gardens.

Rig Makeover

We were very thankful to get funding from Arts Council England for some of our projects this summer which has included giving the Rig a little makeover! Amy and Marianne took a couple of days in August to add some additions to the Rig and make it look sparkly again!

Great Ormond Street Hospital

A summer highlight was spending the day with the patients and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We made shakers and explored the Rig… and a very cute family of mice was even made!

What’s next?

Keep your eyes peeled for our next Rig adventures. Our next event is 5th and 6th October 2019 at English Heritage site Wrest Park where we will be set up alongside a food festival!

You can keep up to date via the events listing on our website and via our various social media platforms.

The Rig at BBC Music Day

We went to St Austell in Cornwall for 36 glorious sun filled hours to be part of the epicentre for the national event, BBC Music Day.

Here we are talking on the local news

Here we are in the Cornish Guardian

We totally fell in love with Cornwall and the Cornish people and did not want to come back. We are making plans for visiting again, perhaps a summer retreat…. ;0)

As well as having a wonderful time for BBC Music Day and jamming with lots of lovely people in St Austell, we also managed Cornish bingo: Cornish pasty, cream tea (jam on first), cider and local fish pie. Yum!


End Of The Road – last one of the season!

We finished off our summer 2015 festival tour with End Of The Road Festival, a lovely family friendly festival at the Larmer Tree Gardens site.


Where else would you find a peacock strutting about?!


Team Rig outside our gazebo




Cornbury Festival – July 2015

What a lovely, sunny, happy festival Cornbury was! We had lots of lovely children come to play, accidentally camped next to and made friends with the award winning Discoshed crew and one of our other neighbours came and sang sea shanty’s with us, what lovely creativity!

Here are some pictures:

Girl with bells Amy with bells Becky & Dory mending the spoons Little girl with drum Rhythm rig close up baby 1 copy Little boy on Kitchen Rig



We were also impressed with the walkabout acts in the kids field, here are a couple of examples:

Becky & Amy with walkabout acts  Golden men walkabout acts

Shed action:

Amy shedding it up Amy with Discoshed boys

With thanks to Poppy Janella for the brilliant photos and videos.

Summer 2014 – Festival madness

Wow!!!! What a summer that was! We were privileged to be at a bunch of cracking festivals and The Rig was played and enjoyed by thousands of children. Big shout out to all the lovely festival people at Mycenae House, Cornbury, Chilled In A Field, WOMAD, The Geffrye Museum and End of The Road. Photos to come soon. It’s been a blast!

Edit: Photos all uploaded, go find yourself!


Thousands play The Rig at Greenbelt Festival – August 2013

Following on from our exciting day in Bethnal Green, we packed the stuff into the van and hot footed it down to Cheltenham for one of the biggest festivals of the year, Greenbelt.

This is a lovely, friendly Christian festival, although the multi faith and arts angle is everywhere to see. What was also evident to see was how well organised and super safe and friendly this festival was. Amy was still recovering from having her appendix out a few weeks previously and we were well looked after in the disabled camping area. We arrived in the pouring rain and the loveliest man, called Vincent, who had been going to Greenbelt for 40 years, helped us put up our tent and made us all hot chocolate at 11pm at night. What a dude!

This is a big festival, with about 35,000 people attending at Cheltenham Racecourse and we had over 2,500 of them play The Rig over the course of the weekend. This was our biggest crowd yet and we were so chuffed by how loved and popular our wonderful creation was. WE thought it was an amazing musical playground, but to have so many people play and keep coming back to play it over the weekend spoke volumes about its popularity and our crazy but brilliant idea!!

We had one adorable boy who spent about an hour playing with the wind up music box and the Victorian tin bath. When you hold the wind up music box against the side of the bath, it resonates round the metal and amplifies the sound. Once we’d shown him how it worked, he very quickly picked it up and spent ages mesmerised by it and showing others how to use it. I think we might have changed bath times for the better for this little boy!

Winding up the music box

Winding up the music box

Have a look through the rest of the photos here.

Our junk percussion installation hits Bethnal Green – August 2013

This was the first gig that we had been booked for that wasn’t from our little black book of contacts. We were so excited that the word was getting out there about our musical junk percussion installation and that The V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London had asked us to come and spend the day at their childhood festival.

We had an amazing time there and entertained over 1,500 children during one day. We had some cracking little players who loved playing on The Rig and we got to début the massive bunches of keys. The kids loved playing these and thinking up what door it could open. Castles and treasure chests featured highly on the list! Have a look at the photos of the day here and do let us know what you think the bunch of keys open!

In this video, you can see Becky explaining the oven tray earphones. It really is quite amazing the sound that is produced by them. Your body acts as an amplifier and resonates the sound all the way round your body. As you can see, it is a great one for drawing grandparents and parents in to play and discovering the delights of making music out of unusual items.

The Rig at Chilled in a Field festival – August 2013

Chilled in a Field festival. Well! What can we say about this lovely festival! Run by friends of ours, this family friendly festival was held at a private manor house in picturesque East Sussex in August 2013. It is a wonderfully thought out and well planned festival with a lovely family section in the programming. We were delighted to take The Rig to this festival and we hung out on the lawn in the glorious sunshine. With the bunting out it felt like a proper village fete kind of feel and we drank lemonade and licked ice lollies on the lawn!

The festival had cleverly arranged a wooden spoon craft making workshop for the children the day before we arrived, so when we turned up, they all had their own beautifully decorated and individual wooden spoons to play on The Rig. Wooden spoons are our playing instrument of choice and we were very inspired by the beautiful creations we saw being played!

Double bravery points also go to Amy for this festival after she ‘didn’t feel very well’ with a bit of stomach ache. The following week she was admitted to Kings and had her appendix removed.

Photos at Chilled were taken by Stephen Gregory

You can watch a video of the festival here. The Rig is shown about 1 minute in.

There is a lovely review of the festival here. The Rig and the groovy samba beats are mentioned at the end 🙂

Sharky & George’s 10th Birthday Party – June 2013

Following on from our success at Mach Comedy Fest, our next outing for The Rig was for upmarket kids company Sharky & George. Sharky & George are an awesomely fun company (founded 10 years ago, hence their 10th Birthday party!) providing the very best children’s parties and entertainment in London. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them since 2009 and it was following a conversation with them about a ‘musical playground’ that the idea of The Rig was born in early 2013.

Their tenth birthday was held in Holland Park, London and hundreds and hundreds of children attended and loved interacting and playing with The Rig and all the other fun and fabulous games that were there.

Photos here

Machynlleth Comedy Festival – May 2013

Machynlleth Comedy Festival was the very first outing for The Rig and we were so thrilled to be able to be part of this amazing comedy festival.

The idea for The Rig had come about 3 months previously and we were beavering away behind the scenes trying to get it ready for the summer when inspiration struck. What we need is a deadline we thought! A phone call later and we were booked into premièring our crazy invention at Mach Comedy Fest in the beautiful welsh village of Machynlleth a few weeks later.

We spent a frantic couple of weeks drilling, sanding and glueing and finally we were ready to go! Once we got to Mach and set up it became apparent we were onto a winner. This was a bit of a relief, because although WE thought it was a brilliant idea, it was great to have it confirmed within the first 30 seconds of us opening it up, when we had 50 kids come swarming all over it! Our thunder sheet made of plastic only lasted the first 3 minutes. Lesson one. Whatever we think is sturdy enough for children – MAKE STURDIER!

We had a wonderful time in this beautiful village and can’t endorse the comedy festival highly enough. It’s run by Emma and Henry, two wonderful fun souls with integrity and a vision. There are some world class comedians performing there and some people starting out on their comedic journey. We were thrilled to be providing some of the family entertainment, which is growing year by year and we look back with such fondness and pride in our first Mach!


Photos here

More Videos here

If you haven’t ever been to this festival, do go!