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Create a unique visitor experience at your event with The Rig! The Rig is an interactive musical playground for all the family. Visually beautiful and exciting, it brings the feel of a vintage summer fete to your event whilst promoting up-cycling and creativity.

The Rig comes with a team of ‘Riggers’ who host, play and set up grooves to get everyone joining in. The Rig is a free play drop in zone and so can be visited throughout the event by your guests.


How does it work?

The Rig is a fully self contained set-up that does not require electricity. You have the option of providing us with a structure or we can bring our decorated 4m x 3m gazebo.
The full rig set up takes up a maximum of 10m x 10m when spread out (smaller set up options are available). We need cover in the form of a gazebo or other structure in case of rain and also to house The Rig overnight at events that are more than 1 day.
We always come with a team of DBS checked ‘Riggers’ who assemble and dissemble The Rig and host it during opening hours – all round incredible people! We open for a maximum of 5 hours in a day – variable depending on the event.
Whilst The Rig is not specifically an activity for those with disabilities, we passionately believe in inclusivity and diversity and have therefore designed the structures so they are accessible. We often work in SEND schools and have worked closely with the disability charity Attitude Is Everything to ensure The Rig can be played by all.
Branding is always possible including printed wooden spoon drumsticks and branded bunting!
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Event days

these will include…

Up to eight Rig structures and assorted musical bits and pieces.

A team of ‘Riggers’, team size will vary depending on size of event.

Free-play sessions throughout the day to a total of 4-5 hours per day in one or two blocks.

An optional 3 x 4m white gazebo that we decorate. This is in case of rain and for overnight storage of The Rig.

Prices start from £500  – contact us for more information




The Rig’s Mini Play Zone is a compact and mobile set-up using recycled/upcycled objects turned into musical instruments. It is an affordable addition to your event that can be easily fitted into your space of choice. 

What you get:

  • All our ‘Bits n Bobs’  with extra teapots, washboards, jingles and chimes to play with.

  • 2 Pixie Rigs 

  • 1 Rigger

The Mini play Zone is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is a free exploration zone for children ages 0 – 10. We will set up an area 2 x 2m which will be the “Play Zone”.






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 Arts and crafts ZONE

The Arts and Crafts Zone is a creative and musical space where you get to make-your-own instrument! It is perfect as an add-on to our Rigs or as a stand alone activity for your event. 

It is a compact area that is suitable for indoor and outdoor events. We bring along lots of recycled materials to upgrade into musical instruments – this is the ideal way for participants to have a souvenir of your event.

The area can also be themed to suit your event, with the option to add branding (e.g. stickers) to the musical creations.