Who are we? The Rig is an installation of musical curiosities. What does that mean?! It means we have made 6 separate structures which each have different musical themes. Devised and led by Amy Kelly and Becky Dell, we are both classically trained musicians and artists. We have built a community, ‘Team Rig’ of other passionate, fun and friendly musicians who love The Rig and love sharing its sonic secrets with you.

What do we do? We bring The Rig, gazebo and team of DBS checked Riggers to your event or festival where families have fun playing the structures, creating music and experimenting with sound. We have an optional ‘show and tell’ performance that can be booked alongside The Rig. We are also available for workshops as detailed below. Our Rig lives with us in London and we transport it to events in our transit van.

What will we achieve? Primarily an alternative way to interact with and enjoy music. What’s good about The Rig is that everyone can play it, regardless of musical or physical ability. Whilst The Rig is not specifically an activity for those with disabilities, we passionately believe in inclusivity and diversity and have therefore designed the structures so they are accessible. We often work in SEND schools and have worked closely with the disability charity Attitude Is Everything to ensure The Rig can be played by all. Aside from having loads of creative fun, The Rig indirectly teaches about sound, science, melody and rhythm whilst bashing things!

There are three different ways of using The Rig:
  • TV and film
  • Event days; festivals, family events, parties, corporate events. Setup options can vary
  • Workshops in schools and activity clubs
TV and Film: we regularly get approached by TV companies to be on television. The Rig is visually appealing and makes a great addition to any set. The Rig helps to explain musical concepts and ideas, both alternative and mainstream. Amy and Becky are seasoned performers and are happy presenting any musical ideas, as seen on Rig TV!

Event days: these will include…

  • Up to six Rig structures and assorted musical bits and pieces.
  • A team of ‘Riggers’, team size will vary depending on size of event.
  • Free-play sessions throughout the day to a total of 4-5 hours per day in one or two blocks.
  • An optional 3 x 4m white gazebo that we decorate. This is in case of rain and for overnight storage of The Rig.
  • An optional ‘Sound and Science Show and Tell’ at the start of each free-play session. This is a 15-20 minute performance by Amy and Becky next to The Rig. We will explore a fun, hands on sound-science experiment to an audience before opening The Rig up to the free-play session. This will include experiments we have performed on CBeebies as well as in our own ‘How To…’ video guides (available on Rig TV).
  • Prices ranges from £900 – £4,000 depending on variables.
Our Workshops:
  • Please note our workshops do not use the full Rig structures except within SEN schools.
  • Special Education Needs Schools (SEN), Primary (years 4, 5 and 6) and early Secondary (Year 7 and 8) catered for. Mostly within London and the M25. Please ask if you are outside of these areas.
  • We normally do 4 hours of The Rig on workshops days. This is usually split up into 4 x one hour workshops with breaks in between and allowing for setup time. Prices range from £500 – £700.
  • Single one hour workshops start from £200.

Workshop 1: BBC Ten Pieces workshop 1 – 1.5 hours: For KS2, KS3 within schools.

Amy and Becky are Champions for the BBC Ten Pieces Project and we have been thrilled to be part of such an amazing nationwide project, aimed at getting children interested in classical music. This workshop explores pieces from the BBC Ten Pieces Primary and Secondary projects using fun fact games, melodies on chime bars and body percussion. Learning objectives for the workshops are to discover more about the composers and their pieces of music; to listen to and learn the main theme tune for the pieces by playing them on chimes using our colour coded written music; to learn the key rhythmic motif of the piece by composing a short piece of body percussion.

Workshop 2: SEN workshop 20 – 50 minutes: For SEN children in both Primary and Secondary schools and disability friendly events.

The Rhythm, Bells and Music Boxes Mini Rigs are set up in your school hall for unstructured music exploration sessions with your students. These sessions can also be adapted to be half free-play and half a structured music lesson using some of the techniques from the Ten Pieces workshops with older students.

Workshop 3: Body/Junk percussion workshop: For all schools, all ages, festivals and events.

Exploring sounds made by the body and using various bits of junk percussion with the objective of creating a human drum machine performance by the end of the workshop session.