Our workshops cater for Special Education Needs Schools (SEN) and Primary schools (years 4, 5 and 6). They take place mostly within London and the M25. Please ask if you are outside of these areas.

We normally do 4 hours of The Rig on workshops days. This is usually split up into 4 x one hour workshops with breaks in between and allowing for setup time.

Please note we only bring one Rig structure to our workshops except within SEND schools.

Check out our Hiring Information for details on pricing or contact us.

SEN School workshops

Details of our four available workshops listed below…

Workshop 1: BBC Ten Pieces

Duration 1 – 1.5 hours: For KS2 within schools.

We are Champions for the BBC Ten Pieces Project and we have been thrilled to be part of such an amazing nationwide initiative aimed at getting children interested and involved in classical music.

This workshop explores pieces from the BBC Ten Pieces list with the aim of leaving participants with a heightened knowledge of the work and a fresh interest in classical music.

The workshop’s learning objectives are:

  • To discover more about the composers, instrumentation and story of the pieces through our bespoke card game
  • To listen to and learn the main theme tune for the pieces using our Music Box Rig
  • To learn the key rhythmic motif of the piece through body percussion
  • To devise a physical theatre reaction to the drama of the music and the story and emotives the piece has to offer

Workshop 2: SEND workshop

Duration 20 – 50 minutes: For SEN children in both Primary and Secondary schools and disability friendly events.

The Rhythm, Bells and Music Boxes Mini Rigs are set up in your school hall for unstructured music exploration sessions with your students. These sessions can also be adapted to be half free-play and half a structured music lesson using some of the techniques from the Ten Pieces workshops with older students.

Workshop 3: Body/Junk percussion workshop

Timings dependent on event: For all schools, all ages, festivals and events.

Exploring sounds made by the body and using various bits of junk percussion with the objective of creating a human drum machine performance by the end of the workshop session.

Cutlery windchimes
Junk Percussion

Workshop 4: Arts & Crafts instrument making

Timings dependent on event: Ages 3-8
This arts and crafts drop in workshop is a perfect addition to your family event. 
Using recycling, we make shakers and tin can drums. Participants can come and go freely and stay as long or as short a time as they like. We bring all sorts of decorations such as stickers, glitter and coloured paper to really make our new instruments stand out!